Fetty Wap’s Ex Alexis Skyy Twerks and Grinds On Usher During Memorial Day Party… Fans Get Ticked Off

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You don't grind on my man!

Memorial Day weekend is a time when Americans like to take to the beaches and pools, get in their best bathing suits, and greet the summer with open arms. Stars get into the mix by hosting crazy fun parties with lots of music, booze, and sexy girls in the tiniest bikinis imaginable. There’s nothing wrong with that until you get a little too close with someone you’re not supposed to be with. I’m talking about married people getting handsy with people they’re not married to. That seems to be the case for Usher who felt up on a young starlet.

Source: Instagram @theshaderoom

I'd really like to know what Usher's wife has to say about this close encounter