Amber Rose Shocks the Internet World With Bottomless Photo Showing Off Her Lady Bits

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Feminist AF

Amber Rose is the very definition of self-made. She wasn’t born famous, by no definition of the word, and she for sure wasn’t born rich. Born Amber Levonchuck, this Italian and African female rose through the ranks from the very bottom.

At the age of 15, after her parents divorced, Amber began stripping to help with the bills. About 10 years later, in 2008, she appeared in Young Jeezy and Kayne Wests’ music video “Put On.” From there, Amber went on to sign with modeling agency Ford Models; she posed in Louis Vuitton’s print ad and walked in New York Fashion Week for Celestino, an evening wear line. All the while… She appeared in music video after music video.

Along the way, she began dating Kanye West. When that ended, she married Wiz Khalifa, really solidifying her stardom status. The 15-year-old who began stripping for her family now has a net worth of about 12 million dollars.

Regardless of public opinion, Amber Rose is body positive and uses her fame to encourage women everywhere to be just as body positive as she is. Beating her feminist point into society’s thick skull, Amber Rose recently posted a more than reveling photo on IG. She got some backlash for it, but she took in stride.

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