GUHH Cast DRAGS Angela Simmons After Meltdown Sends Her Running

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Gets dragged by cast members

Angela Simmons isn’t doing such a good job of being a team player on the Growing Up Hip Hop cast. Earlier this season, Angela walked away while filming a controversial scene with co-star Briana Latrise. Apparently she didn’t want to deal with whatever drama was going to come from the situation. Isn’t that the whole point of a reality show? To deal with drama?

Not for the preacher’s daughter it isn’t.

Angela wants to film the scenes she wants to film and it seems the show’s producers are getting sick of it.

The beef between Briana and Angela has been going on for “many moons.” It all started when a mutual friend of the two, invited Briana to hang out with Angela. When Briana and friend arrived to pick up Angela (in a limo no less), Angela looked into the car at Briana and said there wasn’t enough room. We’re not buying it, though, and neither is Briana. According to her, “That b–ch thinks she’s too good to know me. That’s all.”

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