Word on the Street Is That Cardi B and Beyoncé Have a Track Coming Out Soon (Receipts)

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This is not fake news people!

Cardi B is mingling with A-listers now that her hit single “Bodak Yellow” has taken over the summer. Still, there are hitmakers, and then there’s the Queen. Even knowing that Cardi B had a number one record and was hanging around people like Migos and G-Eazy couldn’t have prepared you to learn that the regular, degular, schmegular girl has broken into the rarefied air of Beyonce collaborators.

A new post by Cardi’s engineer seems to hint that Cardi and the Queen are collaborating on a song that will wreck everyone’s lives the second it drops. Ashby posted a shot of his workstation to his Instagram story that appeared to show a collaboration between Bardi and Bey. In the shot, you can make out the words “Cardi B ft. Beyonce Demo,” and Ashby assured his followers that the collab was “gonna be big.”

Beyonce at 2015 Grammys

Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images