Rappers Who Just Might Be Members of the Illuminati

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Many rappers have been accused of being members of the secret society.

As spooky as their imagery might be, there’s something comfortable about the idea of the Illuminati. A belief in the possibly maybe kinda sorta existent secret society puts a sense of order into the universe. Instead of the world being the semi-random result of billions of self-interested actors working for their own ends, Illuminati believers think there’s a guiding hand at work.

So, it was only a matter of time before famous rappers — whose own leaps from rags-to-riches are often extraordinary enough seem like the work of some unseen force — were roped in as alleged members of the Illuminati. Almost every successful rap artist has been accused of being in the Illuminati at some point, but we’ve gathered a few of the most prominent.


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Take a look at which rappers have been accused of Illuminati ties