A$AP Bari Sued For $1 Million Over Sexual Assault That Was Caught on SnapChat

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He can't exactly deny it

ASAP Bari is staring down a $1 million sexual assault lawsuit after a video of himself and an associate startling a naked woman, threatening her, and chasing her into a bathroom went viral.

The video shows Bari and his friend barging into a hotel room in London where the woman and another man are sleeping in July 9, 2017.

“You f-cked my assistant, now you are going to f-ck me,” Bari yelled while pulling the sheets of the bed.

The woman yelled back “no” and asked Bari to stop while she ran to the bathroom. As she ran past Bari, he slapped her on the butt and said “Get to the bathroom. I’m going to f-ck you, you are going to suck my d-ck.”

The woman — who filed the suit as Jane Doe — said that she begged Bari to let her go, in court documents received by TMZ. The pair eventually tossed her into the hotel hallway without her clothes, according to Doe. She said she asked the security to call police and when the authorities arrived they deleted the video from Bari’s phone.

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Source: Instagram @vlonebari