Awful Rap Lyrics We Wish Didn’t Exist

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The hip hop community could have lived without these bars

Rap music is the heart and soul of hip hop, making rapping a true art form. Rappers give themselves the task of providing the hip hop world with bars to make us feel, think, and most importantly, to make us more aware of the world. Rap is relentless, unforgiving, and its always brutally honest. Because of its jagged-edged realness, rap is probably the most equally loved and hated genre of music.

It can be jarring or it can be smooth, but either way, good rap always leaves its listeners feeling the rhythmic beats. Loved for its confidence and candid story telling, there is nothing quite like good rap lyrics.

Not all rappers put tons of dedication and time towards their craft though, and sadly, there’s nothing quite like bad rap lyrics…  We’ve compiled some lyrics we really wish were never a “thing.”

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See which ones are cringeworthy