Azealia Banks Says She Was Physically Abused by Coldplay’s Manager

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Intolerable Behavior

The allegations of abuse being served throughout the hip-hop community are far from finished. The latest rapper to throw her name into headlines by coming forward: Azealia Banks. The “212” rapper is coming forward with an abuse allegation against Dave Holmes. The rapper, singer, and songwriter detailed the time in 2012 that Holmes physically abused her in a lengthy, detailed Instagram caption.

From the third-person perspective, the artist talked about how Holmes — the manager for bands like Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, and Interpol — was a “very handsome, very charming man who she admired intensely.”

Before writing that she lost her father at three years old, she said that Holmes was “fatherly” to her. “He was 43, rich , white and very fatherly to her. Dating him made her feel like Naomi Campbell! He was married at the time but told her he was separated- something She didn’t care about as She was so happy to have him in her life,” Banks wrote.

azalea banks performing on stage under a blue light

Credit: Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images