Looks Like Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj Finally Settled Their Beef

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It's over!

Azealia Banks may be better known for her ability to beef than her ability to rap, but hey… She’s only human. She has to prioritize her time and her beefs if she wants to get any s**t-talking done. With her beef with Cardi B taking up so much of her time, she has to cut back somewhere. She did so by ending her long-standing tiff with Nicki Minaj.

Azealia Banks posted a long message to Instagram claiming that she’s #TeamNicki and Cardi is a pretender to the throne.

“As a Harlemite, I’ve definitely had my fair share of cutting ass and as a snobby, art school girl, I can admit having thrown loads of unnecessary shade at Nicki Minaj,” she said. “But one thing I’ve never been is a liar. If anyone is going to be heralded as the face of female rap for this generation, it’s Nicki. And if anyone deserves a number one record and her very long overdue Grammy win, it’s Nicki.”

She went on to say that no one but Minaj should be given the crown, if we’re looking to pick the queen of the come-up.

“Nicki absolutely must be first in line as she has set the tone for this new female rap archetype. I have loads of respect for this woman’s hustle, drive and determination,” she continued. “She deserves to win first.”

While Banks was in an unusually generous mood, she decided to spread the love around a bit.

“And let’s not forget Jean Grae!” she said. “Hip-hop owes that woman a celebration, too!”

Azealia Banks performs for fans during Splendour in the Grass on July 25, 2015 in Byron Bay, Australia

Credit: Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images