Belly Gets Jumped By a Mob of Security Guards at Coachella on 4/20

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Belly vs. Coachella

Belly at E Talk Festival Party

Credit: Jag Gundu/ Getty Images

On the evening of April 20, s**t got real at Coachella. Just after rapper Belly performed his second set of the week at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Belly got into a heated confrontation with a multitude of security personnel at the set of his label-mate, The Weeknd.

Belly, whose real name is Ahmad Balshe, was reportedly walking from a sound booth towards the VIP section of The Weeknd’s set, and he reportedly had all the right credentials to be able to do so. In footage that seemingly took place right before the incident, Belly can be seen in good spirits, Milly Rocking his way into the night.