“Ma this is illegal!”: Big Mama Washes Herself In Public Pool

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She's resourceful, if nothing else.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And washing your bottom definitely falls under “things you gotta do,” even if your water gets cut off. That’s what lead this woman to take a quick dip in the community pool and bring her washcloth along.

“Ma, whatchu doing?” asks a clearly embarassed daughter as the D.C. woman scrubs up in the shallow end. “Washing my motherf*cking a**,” Ma replies. “I don’t got no water at home. I pay my D.C. taxes like everybody the f*ck else.”

Her cause to make the most out of public services is an honorable one (Seriously, y’all. Hit up the library. It’s free books). However, it’s not appreciated by the people in charge of the public pool. From off-screen, we can hear The Man telling this lady that her going old school on the pool like it’s a Roman bath is not appreciated.

Somebody — presumably the lifeguard — tells the woman that she has to get out of the pool but she taunts her instead. “B*tch, you better get the f*ck up out my face,” she says, before the lifeguard repeats herself, causing the washing woman to openly mock her.

She points her backside toward her and keeps scrubbing while saying “B*tch, I’m washing my a**,” in a mocking tone. “You can not wash your a** in my pool,” the lifeguard counters. “Come get me out then,” the mom replies.

As a mom, she’s been on the other end of kids going boneless and weighting themselves to the ground. She’s an expert at this sort of thing. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to get her out of the pool before she’s done and she knows it.

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