Birdman and Toni Braxton To Have ‘Great Gasby’ Themed Wedding

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Gatsby Style

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Source: instagram @tonibraxton/@birdman5star

Whatever Birdman does, he does it big. And if he’s doing something with Toni Braxton, they’re probably going to do it even bigger together. News has just surfaced regarding the details of the couple’s upcoming wedding. Apparently, Toni Braxton wants to have a Great Gatsby themed wedding,

The Great Gatsby, which has been adapted into film form with the illustrious Leonardo DiCaprio, was a book originally published in 1925, features a protagonist, Jay Gatsby, that is a multi-millionaire who throws lavish parties in his extravagant mansion who eventually falls in love with the woman he desires, Daisy Fay Buchanan. It seems as though Birdman will be filling the role of Gatsby, while Braxton will be channeling Buchanan in the vintage wedding-to-be.