Black Ink’s Dutchess Blames Producers for Sky’s Son’s Interview in Her Tattoo Shop

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What's real?

The rivalry between Dutchess and Sky has played out across the tattoo reality show universe, and it only got worse when Dutchess seemed to go for a petty kill-strike, getting Sky’s son involved. Now Dutchess is saying that the lowblow was the call of the show producers.

Diehards of the show have no doubt already seen the juicy interview from Sky’s adopted son that was hosted by This Is 50… inside Dutchess’ shop. However, last night was the first time that the interview made it on the air in the Black Ink Crew universe. In the latest episode, fans could see Sky tearing up as she watched her son spill all sorts of vitriol about her while surrounded by the trappings of her rival’s business.

If it was planned by Dutchess, it would be an all-time dirty hit.

After social media dragged her for bringing kids into the fight, the artist felt the need to clear her name. In a post to Instagram, she said that the interview inside her shop was all the work of Big Fish Entertainment, the production company that makes all of the Black Ink shows.

“I want to be completely clear I have receipts and proof of it all!” she wrote. “Producers paid for this interview! The son was there with his FATHER who advised the interview! The whole interview is available on this is 50 where u see the parts bigfishusa avoided to use cause it would defame the lies they tell for story lines!”


Source: Instagram @dutchessofink