‘Black Ink’ Star Dutchess Teases New Diss Track Going for Ceaser’s Jugular

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Does 'Black Ink' have a rap beef brewing?

We knew that the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew was going to be interesting, but this is next level. This is a season in transition in several ways. Ceaser and Sky have moved to Atlanta to open up a new shop, Sky is moving toward a better relationship with her estranged family and, of course, Ceaser is single for the first time in a long while.

Ceas has made no secret of the fact that he’s happy about his break from longtime partner, Dutchess. He called this season the first in A.D. (After Dutchess), and the beginning of the first episode finds Ceaser in bed with a new woman in Sky’s Atlanta home.

With all this heat coming in Dutchess’ direction, it was only a matter of time before she responded. While a lot of people thought her song “Mad” was about Ceas, she said that the song was written before any of their issues. However, Dutchess realized soon after that Ceas wanted smoke ― and it looks like she’s ready to give it to him.

“My 1st single MAD was never about anyone specifically and it came out in the summer 2017 it was my way of being an artist and expressing myself creatively,” she wrote on Instagram. “Everything IS NOT about my past! We been broke up over a year people please move on. But…….. since he wants a song to be about him…… here u go.”

The preview clip of the new song seems to be focused on the fact that Dutchess made her own way. Clearly, she heard people accusing her of coming up off of Ceaser and she wanted to set the record straight.


Source: Instagram @dutchessofink