Block Party Turns Into a Bash Party as Ladies Lose Shirts and Throw Hands

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These women literally lost their shirts in this fight

Rome, Georgia is not a big town. While it’s the biggest city in its own county, the small locale in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain wouldn’t be anybody’s idea of a bustling metropolis. It’s small enough that the whole city can turn out for a catfight.

At least that’s what appears to happen in this viral video of a wild street fight between two women. While saying “the t*tties is out” about convertibles never caught on the way Nasty Nasir Jones wanted it to, it would be an accurate description of both fighters in this particular scrap after about 30 seconds.

If the fight had a rule that said it’s over as soon as one person’s shirt gets peeled off, like a rougher version of that balloon-stomping game, this would have been over in about five seconds. One of the women pulls the other’s shirt over her head almost immediately, going full hockey goon and using the woman’s loose gear to her advantage. However, the fight wasn’t stopped but was egged on by the seemingly massive crowd. While several people attempt to cut in and end the fight, a few true believers in the front allow the fight to keep going until both women end up fully topless.

topless fight

Source: WorldStarHipHop