Meek Mill Blasted By Boonk For Saying He’d Shoot Him

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The YouTuber goes after the rapper in a new video.

Internet personality Boonk has called out Meek Mill after the rapper allegedly threatened him. The prankster who likes to swipe things from stores in his videos apparently drew the ire of Mill, who said he would “light him the f*ck up” (according to Boonk) if he attempted a prank on him.

“Meek, boy, you, a whole b*tch,” Boonk said on Instagram. “N*gga, I ain’t worried about you. What you think, you the only one that got guns? N*gga, I’ll slap the f*ck out of you. What the f*ck you think this is? Funny thing is, you worrying about me, bruh, I ain’t worried two sh*ts about you … Stay over there and keeping taking them Ls, boy. F*ck you, n*gga.”

meek mill on stage

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images