Boosie Speaks on His Relationship With Webbie: “We on Two Different Grinds”

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It's all love, though

Given how close Boosie and Webbie used to be, it might be surprising to look over tracklists from a recently resurgent Boosie and not see the other rapper’s name anywhere. But Boosie explained their relationship in a new interview with VLADTV, and he wants people to know there are no problems between them.

Boosie began the conversation by talking about “Wipe Me Down” his hit with the other rapper, saying that he rarely performs the song unless he’s at a place with a ”radio crowd.”

“Numbers don’t lie,” he said of the huge hit. “I would say it’s my biggest record by far but people understand that 50 percent of my shows I don’t even do ‘Wipe Me Down.’”

“I only do ‘Wipe Me Down’ for the radio crowds. The Idahos, those crowds like that,” he continued. “I got a category of music and it’s not based on ‘Wipe Me Down.’”

When the questions turned to Webbie, Boosie said they’re apparent estrangement is entirely a factor of the industry and not anything personal.

“Right now, we on different grinds. People not trying to book us together right now. They’re booking me separately and I have to keep getting my money,” he said. “We still talk every day when we get a chance to.”


Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images