Boosie Squashes Beef With Kevin Gates, Gets Him to Perform at #BoosieBash (Video)

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The war is over

Baton Rouge’s two most-famous rappers have finally squashed their beef. Kevin Gates and Boosie are on good terms for the first time this decade and it’s all thanks to Boosie looking to throw a concert.

Boosie said he called up Gates and is hoping to clear everything so that the rapper can play his Boosie Bash concert.

“Talked to Gates earlier,” Boosie says. “Trying to get that boy to come to that Boosie Bash. Tryin’ to pull it off for him. Gotta let the man travel. Man gotta pay his taxes.”

Kevin Gates and Boosie have had bad blood since 2009 when it was rumored that Boosie was involved with the death of Gates’ affiliate Nussie. Boosie was found not guilty but the bad vibes remained. Both rappers and their crews got into it years later at Louisville’s Derby Takeover Pt. 2.


Source: Instagram @officialboosieig