Bow Wow Reveals He Lost His Virginity to Esther Baxter and Dated Kim Kardashian (Video)

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He also talks beef with Hitmaka

Bow Wow has made a bit of a cottage industry on dishing dirt from early to mid-’00s stars. He’s talked on people from Chris Brown to Trey Songz and keeps his name in the news by being involved in drama.

We will say that he’s really good at it. Now, he’s back in the news for saying that he dated Kim Kardashian before she was a household name, back when she was just a friend of Paris Hilton’s and a daughter of a wealthy, famed lawyer.

In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Bow Wow said that he lost his virginity to model Esther Baxter and that he secretly dated Kim Kardashian before she was a known commodity.

The rapper and actor explained that he met Kim through Paris Hilton.

“With Kim. I used always see Kim with Paris,” he said. “Me and Paris was cool and I used to always see Paris come in with this girl. And I’d be like ‘who is she?’ because she never says nothing. She’s pretty but she never talks.”

He said the relationship developed casually but he didn’t allow word to get out about them.

“We just kept crossing paths but somehow we got each other’s information. This is right before Reggie Bush,” he said. “And the reason why nobody knew is because of how I move.”

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