BRAWL-MART: Woman Pulls GUN on Mom Who Fought Her Over School Supplies

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Rollback the f*ck up!

Back-to-school shopping is always going to be a stressful time. There’s the sudden crunch of needing to buy a mess of supplies, the worry that you won’t get everything and — of course — the fact that everyone else is looking for the same deals you are among a limited stock of items. It’s like Black Friday, except you don’t get a sweet new TV at the end of it.

Still, even with tensions running that high, there’s no excuse for what went down at a Wal-Mart in Novi, Michigan this Monday. Two pairs of school shoppers got into a scrap over a marked-down notebook.

Word of the basement-priced book apparently got around at this particular Wally World and there was only one left. The dueling pairs both laid claim to the book and a shoving match ensued. All ages were represented in the women-only brawl, with a pair of 32 and 46-year-old women squaring up on a 20-year-old and her 51-year-old mother.

“They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook,” Novi Police Det. Scott Baetens told a local Fox affiliate. “There was one left, some pushing resulted.”

The fight escalated with no one deciding to give up on the notebook. One duo grabbed the 20-year-old’s hair and shoved her mother out of the way. At that point, the mother pulled a gun and waved it at the women.

“She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them,” Baetens explained. As you might imagine, the fight quickly ended. A gun entering the equation tends to take the fight out of most folks. Customers near the overzealous shoppers scattered at the sight of the gun and the police were called.

The craziest part? No one knows who came away with the notebook.

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Credit: Fox 2