Cam’ron Gets Real About His Break-Up with Juju… Blames Instagram!

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Social media ended Cam + Juju

Cam’ron came clean about what drove him and his long-term boo Juju apart on an episode of The Breakfast Club… and it’s not what you might think. While Juju was pushing the narrative that they fell apart because Cam was stepping out, Cam says the culprit was Instagram.

The rapper shared that their relationship soured once he felt like he had to promote her on the social media platform.

“Yeah well you know basically it was just kind of mutual,” he said of their split. “You know’ for me it just wasn’t fun anymore. I met Juju in 2002, she was my friend before we even started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun. But for me, once Instagram came out. I’m the one promoting her and marketing her. Basically, it just stopped being fun.”

Cam said he has a standard for his relationships and once it started to feel more transactional, he was out. He further said that sense of closeness and intimacy between his boo and himself needs to remain, even if they are helping each other in business.

“You gotta be my best friend, still. That’s what I’m in it for,” he exlpained. “But it just stopped being fun.”

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