“Are You Dumb?!” Cardi B Checks DJ for Messing Up Her Set, He Claps Back

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"You got to give respect to get it."

Things got contentious at a Cardi B show over the weekend, but the beef came from an unexpected source. Where you might expect a few scuffles in a packed, hyped crowd, this particular tension was coming from on the stage.

Cardi B beefed with her DJ mid-set, apparently taking offense at his decision to cut the song when the pair had a miscommunication. “Are you dumb?” she said as she turned to confront the DJ.

While cooler heads prevailed and the music eventually came back in, the DJ took to Instagram to let it be known that he wasn’t down with such blatant disrespect. DJ Fresh, who regularly DJs for Rich Homie Quan, said that the whole thing came down to Cardi’s terrible management.

“I’m about to address the situation last night that happened between myself and Cardi B,” he said in a video posted to Instagram. “Cardi B performed in Cincinnati last night, which is my home city right now where I DJ out of, and she was kind of disrespectful. Her management…they came to me ill-prepared. They didn’t have music. They didn’t have a flash drive. They didn’t have an order of show. They didn’t have when to stop or start the music. They just kind of bombarded me like ‘Hey, we need this done.’ So. I asked them ‘Where’s the music?’ And they said ‘We don’t got it we just figured you would have it.’”

The DJ said he knew from this moment on that he was dealing with a poorly run show. “That right there let me know that I was dealing with a lot of unprofessionalism,” he said.

That messiness spilled out onto the stage, Fresh explained. “As I’m doing the show, Cardi B is trying to perform or whatever but she can’t get into it,” he said of the incident. “The manager then tells me to stop the music, so I stop the record immediately. She look back at me like ‘Are you dumb?’ She asked me ‘Are you dumb?’ I’m pointing at the manager like ‘he told me to cut it.’”

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