Watch Cardi B Twerk and Shake Her A$$ BEFORE the Butt Implants (Video)

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Poppin' It, Droppin' It

NSFW videos of a younger Cardi B just keep getting leaked onto the internet. While it is now common knowledge that Cardi was a stripper before she was famous, people are still shocked when video proof surfaces.

The most recently leaked clip of the “Um Yea” rapper showers her dancing before she got her azz job. The video came with little-to-no details, but it was posted to Exclusive World Premiere‘s Youtube page less than a week ago. Scantily clad in a two piece, Cardi — looking significantly less bodacious than she does now — danced for a crowd of people.

While she hasn’t responded to the video, she’s never been one to hold her tongue… So, she’ll surely respond soon.

cardi b wearing all pink

Source: Instagram @iamcardib