Cardi B Goes Off on Fan for Grabbing Her Bum

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Cardi B popped off on a fan who grabbed her.

Sadly, even Top 40 money can’t insulate women from harassment. As we’ve learned over and over again, fans feel they can take take liberties with stars’ personal space, particularly if that star is a woman. We’ve all seen the stories of fans grabbing famous folks inappropriately during their concerts.

In the case of Taylor Swift, we had an entire trial where the sad lengths people will go to before they’ll believe a woman’s account of inappropriate conduct were put on display. She literally had to remind an attorney that her butt was on the back of her body. Luckily, with Cardi B there won’t be any drawn out and gross trial. The “Lick” rapper handled the situation right as it happened.

After a fan grabbed her inappropriately, the rising star wheeled around and got ready to throw down. “Why would you grab my ass?” she yells at her unseen assailant.

Security moves in around her, but the way they’re holding on to Cardi B seems to be as much for the assailant’s protection as it is for Cardi’s. No need for bloody shoes in this airport terminal. When someone steps in — it makes sense to assume it’s the grabber, but there’s no telling — they get shoved away with the quickness.