Cardi B Lets Slip That She Never Uses Condoms

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Being Safe Makes It Great

Cardi B is… Cardi B. She’s uncensored, hilarious, and true to herself all the time. Her gotta-be-me attitude earned her fame not only on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York but also Instagram. However, just because she’s famous now doesn’t mean that she’s got any more of a filter!

The star did vow to be better for the kids though. “You know what y’all, I realized after Halloween that a lotta little girls… they be lookin’ up to me and they love me and whateva,” she said in an Instagram video. “And it’s just like… I’m thinking to myself like ‘Yo, I really need to be a better example.’”

She proceeded to say that though she tries to keep it “PG-13,” her “hood rat frans” drag her back into the rated-R section. “But I’m gonna change for you little girls because I deada** love y’all,” she continued before calling her younger followers “so cute.”

Fortunately, Cardi wasn’t talking to the kids when she revealed that she doesn’t use condoms in a Rolling Stone interview.

cardi b leaning against a wall wearing sunglasses

Source: Instagram @iamcardib