Love Lives! Cardi B Blasts Offset on Social Media, Takes Him Back

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Love lives, y'all

The rumors of love’s death have been grossly exaggerated. For a while it looked like we couldn’t trust anything anymore. Up was down, cats and dogs were living together, and Cardi B and Offset had called it off.

The rap power couple appeared to be split for good after Cardi B posted a photo of herself with the word “single” superimposed over it. Then, for emphasis, she posted another image of herself holding up peace signs with the caption “Peace, nikka.”

However, it seems that Cardi cooled a bit and apologized for the whole incident, putting our hearts back into all of our chests.

“So listen babes, I exaggerated a lil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme,” she wrote over a picture of Offset. “I came to me sense now. I’m sorry …waffle house on me?”

She then posted an explanation of the outburst to Instagram.

“Sometimes you gotta do shit the OLD you would do. so mfers know not o play with the NEW you,” she wrote.

On Twitter, she joked that Offset and her got into it because she thought the rapper stole one of her blankets.

“Naaa but on a serious note I really loveeeee my man,” she concluded. “He was gifted to me from Jesus.”

cardi B in white coat

Source: Instagram @balleralert