Did Cardi B Just Post a Live Video of Her and Offset Doing It?!

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Cozy, Cozy

As Cardi B’s stardom is growing, she’s learning to handle the media and the public in her own way. So, after a video supposedly showing Offset cheating on her surfaced, Cardi told everyone to back up by posting a video of her and her fiancé being awfully close.

In a clip that was originally posted on Instagram live, Cardi can be seen laying across a bed while Offset is “banging” her from behind. The internet went crazy, assuming the two were publicly smashing each other, dubbing the clip a s*x tape. However, Cardi told everyone to just relax.

“I was fully clothes on live ,I was not f**kin on live !Yaaa can’t be that slow,” she posted shortly after.

offset cardi b together at an award show

Source: Instagram @offsetyrn