Cardi B Shows Off Skills From Her Stripper Days During ‘Bodak Yellow’

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In case anyone thought she was making it up

Cardi B is not shy about her past work as a stripper, nor should she be. She’s mentioned it frequently in interviews, even as her star continues to rise thanks to songs like “Bodak Yellow.” During a recent performance, Cardi showcased some of the skills she learned in her previous life. In the middle of the song, she turned her back to the crowd and began working a stripper pole that was near her.

As the song reached the moment where Cardi flexes the fact that doesn’t have to be a stripper anymore, the rapper showed off some of her moves. Remember the line says that she “don’t gotta dance”? Well, apparently it’s really because she doesn’t have to — she’s definitely still got the moves.

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Source: Instagram @VLADTV