Cardi B Threatens Former Fellow ‘LHHNY’ Star: ‘Keep That Same F**kin’ Energy’

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"I want all the smoke"

What in the strip club Chronicles is going on here,” a fan asked after reading the latest on Cardi B.

Though the Invasion of Privacy artist is on a performance hiatus, she’s far from out of the spotlight. According to up and coming artist Nya Lee, who Cardi has known since her Love & Hip Hop days, the mommy-to-be is as loud as ever.

Lee posted screenshots of Instagram direct messages, where Cardi was… less than cordial with her.

“You know I spent hours fighting with myself on whether or not to even address this,” Lee began in the caption of the post. She ultimately decided to share because she’s assumably tired of “the media often times [brushing] things under the rug for their favs.”

cardi b ad copy photo Rich Fury:Getty Images for Coachella

Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella