“I still don’t like you B*tch”: Cardi B Throws Shots During Concert

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"I still don't like you."

Cardi B is famously a person who can make a beef last the rest of her life, and her recent glow-up hasn’t changed that. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper made her name by being her unapologetically petty and angry self, and she’s not changing that just because she’s performing inside the Museum of Modern Art.

Cardi shouted out a mystery woman who was trying to act friendly now that Cardi’s famous, and she simply asked the lady what part of “Forever” did she not understand? “You know this b*tch,” Cardi says in a fan-shot video. “She never f*cking liked me and now, all of a sudden, she wants to be friends with me. No, b*tch. I still don’t like you b*tch.”

Because the world is terrible and there can never be two female MCs without the world painting them as at each other’s throats, the rumor mill kicked into overdrive. Was she talking about Nicki Minaj? Remy Ma? Trina? (Note: Don’t come for Trina.) No, more likely she was talking about some hanger-on from the old days who wants to come up with her. And the entirety of her discography should let you know that Cardi doesn’t play the radio and she’s not here for that sort of fakery.

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