Cardi B Won’t Say She Loves Offset?

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Cardi isn't ready to say the L word

Cardi B and Offset aren’t exactly hiding the fact that they like each other. The pair have turned up on each other’s arms (and just turned up in general) at plenty of events and concerts. However, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper isn’t ready to say those three little words.

Even though rabid fans have already been sent into fits by photos of a yellow ring, Cardi isn’t quite there yet. When The Breakfast Club asked her if she was in love with the Migo, she pushed back a bit. For regular, degular, schmegular girls like her, the word love don’t come easy.

“Why you gotta use the ‘L’ word?” she asked. “You know what? Things were going cute until … I’ve gained a couple of weights, you know what I’m saying? Everything’s all good with him. It’s healthy … You know, I’m too gangster to use those type of words [in love].”

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Source: YouTube @cardib