Cardi B’s Ex Tommy Has Been Released from Jail… Word is He’s Looking for Offset

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Does Cardi care, though?

Cardi B has reached that point in her career where some dude from her past pops up like a reverse genie to try and take something from her. It’s a sign that you’ve made it, if an incredibly sad one.

Her ex-man Tommy Geez was just released from prison and the rumor mills say he’s looking for her current boyfriend Offset. While none of this is confirmed gossip websites like RealCoolNation are reporting that Tommy wants to talk to the man that Cardi moved on to while he was locked up.

Doubling down on the sadness, Tommy Geez was famously anti-Cardi’s career when the couple were on Love & Hip Hop: New York. The pair grew apart as Cardi focused more and more of her time grinding and trying to break through with a hit record. Tommy didn’t like how her hustling cut into their time and worried that she wasn’t paying him enough attention.

So she dropped him and topped the Billboard charts with a massive hit called “Bodak Yellow.” Maybe you’ve heard it once or twice or 17 times.

Now that he’s out, it remains to be seen if he’ll track his suddenly famous former flame down. It’s also up in the air whether he’ll hop onto the shook-up cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York which has a huge hole thanks to Cardi’s swift exit.

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