Cardi B’s Glow Up

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Follow along with Cardi's fashion evolution

There’s a reason we’re all rooting for Cardi B to win. There’s a reason that everyone celebrated when “Bodak Yellow” hit number one. And there’s a reason that everyone delighted in Cardi’s Azealia Banks clapback.

It’s not just because Cardi is delightful (though she is), and it’s not because “Bodak” is a banger (though it is). The reason we root for Cardi so hard is because she’s a classic underdog. Watching the “regular, degular schmegular” girl go from stripper to Instagram personality to reality TV star to the top of the Billboard charts is a classic rags to riches story. She’s documented it all like an autobiographical, 21st century Horatio Alger. We celebrate Cardi’s glow-up because it allows us all to think that we can do the same. It’s a bit of “our Bardi, ourselves.”

Cardi’s ascencion isn’t just measured in her chart success, label contracts, Instagram likes or single sales. In the same way that we can see Cardi “got a bag and fixed her teeth,” Cardi’s style is reflective of her climb.

Along the long slow path to “Bodak,” we’ve seen Cardi go from everyday streetwear to designer gowns, and we’d be lying if we said it was anything less than inspirational. The story of Cardi B’s clothes, in many ways, mirrors the story of Cardi B, so it’s worth taking a look.

Let’s revel in her come-up.

cardi b leaning against a wall wearing sunglasses

Source: Instagram @Cardi.b