Chance The Rapper Claps Back at Joe Budden’s Criticism: “N***a, I am the Culture”

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Chance has had it

Chance The Rapper has finally responded to Joe Budden’s near constant critique of him. The rapper has remained mum for much of Budden’s criticism on his talk show Everyday Struggle, but a recent bit where he mocked a late-night Chance performance sent the ultra-posi rapper over the edge. For him at least.

“I don’t get upset about stuff like that because that’s what music is,” Chance said in an interview with Robyn Neal. “You don’t always have to have songs that everyone likes or always make music that the contemporary best or to fit in what’s around. You can just make music and if you’re confident enough, you will get to perform it on late night.”

He also wrote off Budden’s critique as a bit of oldhead whining. While he said it in his own bright and happy way, Chance essentially told Budden that the culture he’s defending doesn’t exist any more.

“There’s this idea that you have to make things for the culture and push the culture forward and it’s like, ni**a I am the culture. Whatever decisions I made, they’re made and I also f**k with Joe Budden, I know he has to do his thing. He has a talk show now but before he was an artist and he got to do whatever he wanted. Now he has to go to his job and clock in and clock out and provide his insight. Ni**as gotta do what they gotta do.”

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Source: Youtube/Complex