LHHH’s Chanel West Coast Gets Denied at Nightclub, LOSES IT on Security (Video)

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Chanel West Coast got caught out at the worst possible moment recently. TMZ’s ever-present cameras managed to catch the rapper (alongside Black Eyed Peas’ member apl.de.ap.) laying into a bouncer who wouldn’t let them into a nightclub.

Chanel let the doorman have it when he denied her group entry.

“You wish you could be a little white girl rapping, b***h!” she yelled at him, an insult that makes more sense when you realize Chanel was out celebrating a successful set at West Hollywood’s The Peppermint Club.

Chanel wasn’t satisfied with just the drunken rant, however. She took to Twitter to give the city a piece of her mind.

“F*ck LA and f*ck clubs period,” she wrote. “Honestly. They tried to tell me ya we can let you and one other person in lol am I supposed to just ditch my friends? Sorry, I’m not fake i won’t ditch my friends for any club. I’m not a superficial b*tch who does anything to get in a club. Like some of these desperate lames. Won’t ditch my friends at the door to enter anywhere. I like to go out with my FRIENDS. Hopefully the girls that looked 12 that got in the club had real ID lol.”

She also gave her side of the story, urging fans and followers to take the video with a grain of salt.

“Don’t let any snippets of me acting mad and drunk define who I am,” she said. “Editing is quite the magic trick lol at the end of the day I stand up for my friends and refuse to let anyone feel left out. I’m a good friend. So think what you want of me but my friends know what’s up.”

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Source: Instagram @chanelwestcoast