Chief Keef Had 8 Drugs in His System When Busted for DUI

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Just wow

Chief Keef is in even more trouble than usual. The drill rapper always has some sort of court case brewing — we’ve previously covered his April trip to the ever-lit city of Miami where the cops accused him of being part of a drug deal — but Keef is in even more trouble than previously thought.

The rapper submitted to a urine test, leading the cops to find eight drugs in his system, including morphine, the components of cough syrup and weed, among others.

TMZ listed out the impressive amount of narcotics in his system at the time of the test. Check it out below:

— Morphine
— Codeine
— Promethazine
— Hydrocodone
— Norcodeine
— Dihydrocodeine
— Hydromorphone

Chief Keef seflie

Source: Instagram @chiefkeefsosa