Oh, Chris Brown Is Hanging Out With Bloods Again? Okay.

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It's not the first time

Virginia, Chris Brown’s home state, is about 2500 miles away from California. The two states are literally on opposite sides of the country. However, when Chris came into fame, he left the east coast behind for a life with the stars in Hollywood.

While there, he made some new friends: L.A. Bloods set Fruit Town Piru.

According to a recent video, Chris brought the whole gang onto the set of She Ball, an indie production showcasing women’s street basketball. Hanging out, laughing, and chillin,’ Chris, Fruit Town Piru, and Nick Cannon were all seen on set together. Some of them were even clad in red bandanas. Chris himself wore a red bandana and a red t-shirt.

Chris brown shirtless on stage performing

Credit: Bryan Steffy/GettyImages