Chris Brown Seen Putting Hands Around Woman’s Neck… Friend Fighting Him Off

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Bad Looks

Spectators and fans alike are getting Chris Brown/Rihanna flashbacks, as the “Privacy” singer has been spotted with his hands around a women’s throat. Photos of the moment were sent to TMZ, throwing the star’s name in several unflattering headlines.

Though as far as fans are concerned, TMZ is in the wrong. After Chris and the unnamed female vehemently insisted that the pictures are misleading and that they were simply playing around, the outlet pushed the story anyway, leaving a bad taste in mouths.

“TMZ publishes photos of Chris Brown with his hands around a woman’s neck, knowing that he and the woman in the photo are joking, (they confirmed this with the woman too),” wrote a Twitter user. “They know it’ll provoke a response against Chris Brown. Welcome to journalism in 2018.”

chris brown ad copy photo Jonathan Leibson:Getty Images

Credit: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images