Chris Brown’s Babysitter Goes In on Royalty’s Mother in Diss Track

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Does she have bars?

More disputes should be settled via diss tracks. Even if they aren’t any good, they are endlessly more entertaining than the typical social media back-and-forth and about 1000% less infuriating than vaguebooking.

Case in point, Shakur Sozahdah’s diss of Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman. Sozahdah goes in on the mother of Chris Brown’s young daughter Royalty… and while she lacks technical skill on the mic, it’s still way more fun to hear her say she’s big mad via #barz.

“Man, I really hate this b*tch cuz she really ain’t worth sh*t,” she raps. “She talk about my family now I want to split her wig.”

Apparently, Guzman has been talking trash about Sozahdah and her sister. The would-be rapper and apparent one-time babysitter for Brown and Guzman’s daughter wasn’t having any of it.

“You’re lucky that I love your little daughter like I do,” she explained. “Cuz we would have already ran the f*ck up on you.”


Source: Instagram @theonlyshakur