15 Classic Lines You Love to Quote From Classic Black Movies

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Nostalgia at its finest

The weather is getting cooler, so you know what that means: Cuffing season is here! It’s the season where you wanna cuddle up with bae and justNetflix and Chill. But, if you plan to have nostalgic moments, watching throwback blackbusters, you may want to brush up on classic lines from the movies. There are so many iconic, classic black films that, to this day, we can still quote word-for-word, no matter how old they are.

Some of those quotes have been revitalized and are used in today’s lingo. Kids these days have no clue where “Bye, Felicia!” comes from. But no worries, we’ve compiled a list of classic black movie quotables. From the hilarious Smokey from Friday screaming, “You got knocked the f**k out!” to Baby Boy‘s Yvette shouting, “I hate you, Jody!” you will find these classic lines more than entertaining.

Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall in Coming to America

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