Cops Rush to Tyrese’s Home After He Posts Fake Kidnapping Video

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Don't mess with Tyrese!

Tyrese Gibson has been going through it… very publicly. After a highly-watched feud between him and his Fast & the Furious co-star Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson began an intense custody battle over their daughter Shayla. Then there was the awkward misconception that Will and Jada Smith loaned him money… right before the Smiths denied those rumors.

Needless to say, the singer-actor hasn’t been looking good in these streets. Further adding to the bad press around his name, a recent set of videos are circulating the internet, showing Tyrese kidnapping comedian Michael Blackson.

For those who are bad with names, Michael Blackson is the man who told Tyrese that he and other “dark skin ni–as” traded him for Drake and Stephen Curry. “You are no longer considered dark skinned. You did some really red bulls–t yesterday,” the comedian said. He continued that Gibson consulted Gucci Mane, Wesley Snipes, and Akon before making the decision to kick him off the team. The less than a minute long video went viral soon afterwards.

In response, Tyrese posted a video of Blackson gagged and bound in his underwear. Laid across Tyrese’s sofa, the comedian frantically shakes his head as Tyrese questions him about his videos. “At what point was you gon say ‘I’m doing too much,'” Tyrese began in the video. “How you gon be on my back, on some funny s–t, while I’m in the middle of a tragedy? You think that s–t funny ni–a?” While pouring what appears to be baby oil on the comedian, Tyrese asks, “Wanna trade me?”

Tons of people saw the video, and tons of people called the police. The nearly three-minute-long video worried so many viewers that police immediately rushed to the singers home, fearful that he had kidnapped Blackson out of revenge.

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