Craziest Hip-Hop Riders: What’s in Your Hotel Room

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These demands are totally outrageous

When it’s time to perform, artists need a couple of things: a hyped audience, a good DJ and an impeccable sound system. But before the show, they like to indulge in a lap of luxury that will center them to give a dope performance. That’s where the riders come in.

If you never heard the term, a rider is a list of items an artist demands in his/her green room to feel at home. Take Kanye for instance: A week ago, Kim K. snapped a picture of Ye’s slushie machines backstage at his Saint Pablo tour. The rapper has two slushie machines: One with Hennessy and Coke and another with frozen Grey Goose and lemonade. Sort of like a his and hers slushie. DJ Vashtie requests vegan treats paired with a bottle of Moët for her rider. Every artist is different, but some of these are just beyond wild.

Kanye West Hennessy slush machine

Source: Instagram @kimksnapchats

Here are the craziest riders in hip-hop