Cyn Santana and Joe Budden Welcome Their Baby Boy

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Cyn and Joe are proud parents

Joe Budden had a wild 2017. On top of his show Everyday Struggle launching, the provocative retired rapper and talk show host found himself at the center of several beefs and a wild moment at the BET Awards. The Budden animosity reached a point where rappers were wearing personal gear telling him to go jump in a lake and even shouting him out on songs like Migos’ “Ice Tray.”

Even so, that’s probably not what Budden is going to remember most from 2017 as his son was born in the late night and early morning hours of Dec. 14/15. Budden’s girlfriend Cyn Santana went into labor yesterday and they announced this morning that their baby boy had arrived.

“Bout to meet the love of my life with the love of my life!!!! You’re too dope God,” wrote Cyn on the way to the hospital. “Shout out to all the mommas…. god bless y’all for real.”

She followed that up with a black and white photo of her newborn son clutching her finger.

“Happy birthday baby boy. We love you so much,” she wrote.

Budden celebrated his son’s arrival with a series of photos. He posted his own father holding him in 1980, a photo of himself holding his first-born son in 2000 and then a photo of himself holding the latest addition to his family in 2017.

While it was all incredibly sweet, Joe Budden is still Joe Budden. He posted a live Instagram video from the delivery room playfully needling Santana because she was arguing with him about whether or not a carseat was ready in the car before the baby had arrived.

“I’m spending the night in the hospital trying to be supportive,” he said, laughing. “She talking bout a f**king car seat. What car seat?”

“You push,” he added. “You got s**t to worry about over there.”


Credit : Brian Ach Getty/Images for Vh1