Dave East Fights All Of Chicago After Accidentally Missing Listening Party

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Get Dave on the phone!

Dave East was supposed to have a listening session/meet and greet in Chicago this week. There’s only one problem: Nobody bothered to tell Dave.

Furious fans flooded the Paranoia rapper’s Twitter, wondering where he was at, only to get an equally confused response in return.

“Damn, so Dave East didn’t show up to his listening session at the WGCI Sprite Lounge? That’s pretty messed up,” wrote one fan. Dave quoted the tweet and explained himself. “Never heard about it. FOH,” he wrote.

The radio station he apparently stood up then joined in on the trash talk, saying, “Dear Dave East, Do not come for us. Your manager and Def Jam Records confirmed today’s appearance. We have receipts.”

East was not swayed. He responded to the radio station by repeating that he had no idea about the show.

“Did you hear from me?” he asked. “Y’all ain’t ever gotta play my sh*t. Why would I curve people who support me? Sh*t makes no sense.”

WGCI wasn’t having it. They responded to the rapper and threatened to expose him. “Run the truth and an apology to your Chicago fans or we post the receipts,” they wrote. “That’s not the way we play it in Chicago, ol’ goofy a**.”

Dave defended himself, saying that he constantly promotes himself, so if he knew of a show he would have posted about it. “I retweet damn near everything,” he wrote. “If you ain’t see me post it, I had nothing to do with going. I’m booked for a show today not [a radio station appearance].”

A local DJ named DJ MoonDawg brought Chicago’s famed infeiority complex into the mix and accused East of living in a New York bubble before asking East to clarify if it was his label’s fault. When East declined to explain himself to MoonDawg, the DJ accused him of not caring about Chicago.

“Nah, I love my fans and your city more than you know,” he wrote. “I could just care less about how you feel, homie. I don’t miss radio. That ain’t me.”

Dave East

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