Desiigner Recalls the Time He Wanted to Commit Suicide After Rap Battle

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He vowed to never get back there

Desiigner’s manic energy and constantly upbeat demeanor has led plenty of people to snipe at him. His constant ad-libs and wild shouting have even lead to accusations of drugs and/or mental problems in various memes poking fun at the exuberant “Panda” rapper. But it turns out there’s a real explanation for Desiigner’s always-on beaming, and it comes from a pretty dark place.

In an new interview with Snoop Dogg’s GGN News, the rapper said his energy stems from a low point where he considered killing himself. Apparently, the rapper went to a battle and the energy of the crowd around him was so off that he went home and contemplated suicide.

After feeling disconnected from the energy of the crowd, Desiigner decided that it was over for him. But the mere thought of suicide was enough to shock him back to reality.

“I went home, I said, f*ck that sh*t, I’ma kill myself,” he said. “The second I said that sh*t, I got scared as hell. I got scared cause I told myself that.”

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