Did Nicki Minaj Just Break up With Meek Mill on Instagram??

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She's back on the prowl. Well, maybe.

Nicki Minaj is the princess of hip-hop. And with Meek Mill by her side, they are like hip-hop royalty. Ever since Meek laced Nicki with a big rock on her engagement finger, fans have swooned over their union, hoping that one day the rappers will walk down the aisle. But now, it doesn’t look like that’ll happen. Sources close to the rappers have been real chatty about their relationship.

Rumors of the couple living apart have been swirling all week and now the couple may have ended their two-year relationship. Something tells me that Meek’s recent beefs with Game and Nicki’s labelmate and ex-bestie Drake may have something to do with it. And Nicki’s recent social media posts haven’t helped but have added fuel to the flame.


Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Sources say Meek and his recent beefs are a liability to Nicki's career.