“Bet Y’all Never Saw This Before!” Diddy Shares Rare AF Photo of Biggie and Pac

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Diddy shared a photo of better times

Unearthed Tupac material is always good business. The world has a seemingly insatiable appetite for every photo, song, scratch track or bit of trivia that they’ve never heard before. Luckily, the charismatic rapper and poet did a lot of work and went a lot of places in his short 25 years of life — and the last few months have been a boom time for previously undiscovered Tupac memorabilia and photographs.

The latest person to take a stroll down memory lane is perhaps an unlikely source for new Tupac nuggets… or at least he would be if you only ever read the headlines. Diddy just shared a photo of Tupac and Biggie together wearing Bad Boy-branded clothing, before misunderstandings and media attention turned them into cross-country rivals.

Diddy shared the photo to Instagram and recounted the vibe of the room full of legends.

“Bet y’all never saw this before! Tupac, BIGGIE, @invisiblebully_ , @lilceaseand the the Jr mafia!!” he wrote on Instagram. “STRETCH IS UP IN THERE ALSO. All in IM A BAD BOY T SHIRTS. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT THAT WAS.”

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Source: Twitter ‏@TupacShakurTS