Before Remy and Nicki: 10 Hardcore Diss Tracks From Lady Lyricists

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"You wanna bumble with the Bee, huh?"

Despite getting crushed on Remy Ma’s diss track “SHEther,” Nicki Minaj still reigns supreme in the hip-hop game — especially when it comes to female rappers. Fans underestimated her when she didn’t respond as quickly as they and Remy wanted her to. Oh, but when she spoke, she came with blow after blow, and fans soon re-crowned her as queen of the rap game.

It’s been a good couple of weeks since the beef brewed between the lyricists. It seems like things are simmering down, but considering the way Remy has been running her mouth about “back a** rap b*tches,” the beef may be far from over. Though this beef was significant in hip-hop, it wasn’t the first beef between female rappers. Women in the industry have been taking shots at each other since the 80s. ‘Matter of fact, check out this list of the hardest diss tracks by women in hip-hop.

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