DJ Envy’s Wife Spills ALL the Tea About Him Cheating on Her

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This story is wild

DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey recently graced The Real‘s stage, and they talked about how they made it through an episode where they dealt with Envy’s infidelity. The Breakfast Club host and his wife held nothing back about their split and their eventual reunion, revealing that they even had some help from a highly unlikely life coach.

Casey let the hosts know that the most difficult period of their long marriage was a time when they nearly divorced over Envy cheating. “We went through a stage where Roshon cheated on me and a lot of people would say that that was to be expected because we’ve been together for so long,” she began. “But to be honest with you I didn’t expect it because he treated me amazingly. A lot of times when people go through things like cheating, the man treats the woman poorly at home.”

However, Casey says that their relationship never suffered while Envy was stepping out. “But our s*x life was good, he was always giving me compliments, very generous, everything was fantastic. He was a wonderful father. He never failed at that. I really didn’t see any red signs,” she continued.

She went on to say that she immediately knew that they were done for once Envy’s secret got out. “When I found out, for me I knew that it was going to be over,” she said. “That was my hard line. That’s the line you don’t cross.”

Casey told the hosts that Envy was spiraling as his home life fell apart. “It was so bad in our home and it was very bad for him professionally,” she said.

Envy backed up her version of events, saying that his work suffered greatly while he was trying to deal with the fallout from his cheating. “I was losing everything. I’m losing this person that really held me down, was there from the start didn’t care about money, didn’t care about anything, just cared for my well-being. And then my family. I felt like I let [them] down. I felt like a failure,” he said.

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