Deathly Afraid, DJ Khaled Flies For the First Time In 10 Years For Asahd

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Having little ones is a major key.

It may surprise you, given his jet-setting lifestyle and frequent touring, but DJ Khaled doesn’t fly. The We The Best Music head and Snapchat star is deathly afraid of planes, preferring to get around on bus and jet ski. However, he finally got over his fear and hopped on a plane for the first time in over a decade. His photographer noted the milestone on Instagram.

“I know what it looks like but this isn’t just some picture fronting outside a jet. This is my We The Best Squad!” wrote photographer Lenny S on Instagram. “This is over a decade of no flights for my brother Khaled. Over 12yrs actually. Everyone and their mother has tried to convince him. Even Tony Robbins. Lol. He’s been offered Jets and a million dollars for a gig and still a NO GO! It wasn’t happening no matter what.”

“Thank God for the Young Prince who is basically the main reason we’re on this flight. Thanks Asahd!!!!! That’s the good news,” he continued. “The bad news is, all promoters… The BAG has just gone UP big time and now every gig must come with a Jet. Lol. Congratulations and Thanks in advance.”

Khaled backed up Lenny’s assertion that his son is the reason he was able to get on the plane.

“I haven’t flown in 10 years,” Khaled said in a video from inside the jet that he posted to his own Instagram. “That was my one fear: flying. Asahd made me overcome my fear of flying.”

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Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images